The Follow-on course is offered to those who are at an early stage in cultivating mindfulness and kindness based approaches in their life and work, but it is also appropriate for those who want to support their ongoing development in mindfulness and take their practice and experience further. This follow-on training programme is intended for the participants who: 

  1. have participated and engaged in any standard 8-week mindfulness course, 

  2. have a fairly regular personal mindfulness practice, 

  3. wish to develop their understanding and skills in applying mindfulness skills, 

This ten-week course will help you to systematically and deeply develop the skills of being present with your experience. It aims to assist you in taking your understanding deeper through mindfulness and kindness, helps you to take better care of yourself and get the most out of your life. The aim is to engage fully in your experience so as to gain insight and compassion.  The course will be a highly interactive, collaborative and participatory learning experience. Our intention is to create a group process that feels safe and trustworthy and an open, spacious learning environment, which will encourage spontaneity and creativity. 

We run this course over ten weeks. A weekend of mindfulness practice (Weekend Retreat) is offered after the course when participants have the opportunity to experience a whole weekend of practice to notice the effects of this. You receive thirty hours of training and practice with your teacher and other participants. 

To get the most out of coming to the class requires some work on your part and each participant is required to undertake 30-40 minutes of home practice a day between classes. It requires a commitment to work on yourself through a gentle daily discipline of meditation and relaxation.  Making the time commitment and the personal exploration involved can make the course seem stressful at times but it is also likely to be pleasurable and empowering as well. A trained mindfulness instructor, who teaches the meditation practices and supports the participants’ learning, leads each course and group discussions are an important part of this process.




Anyone who wants to engage further in the training and incorporate more Kindness and Acceptance into their daily life.

Offering Mindfulness AND kINDNESS Training for Well-being  AND INNER PEACE.