11am Welcome/ Brief Intro.

Body Awareness

Mindful Walking

Sitting Meditation

Lunch 1-2pm

Mindful Movements

Short Sitting

Mountain Meditation


Loving Kindness Practice

Ends @ 4pm


Mindfulness Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for learning and directly experiencing mindfulness practices, consolidating your already established practices, cultivating shared understanding and wisdom from which we can all learn, grow and be nourished. 

Day Retreat are offered to everyone engaged in mindfulness training and are integral part of our courses. 


​The Retreat is open for everyone, interested in mindfulness training. You do not require any previous experience of mindfulness meditation to be on this retreat. They are for people who would like to be familiar with mindfulness and offer an opportunity to step aside from our everyday lives to: learn new mindfulness meditation practices, deepen our mindfulness practice as a way of life, Connect with others who practice mindfulness, nourish ourselves and taking time to be with ourselves.

For ALL Day LONG Retreats:

  1. Arrive well before the start time (11 am)

  2. Most of the retreat will be in Silence with the space towards the end to speak from the silence.

  3. Bring vegetarian lunch (extra portions) to share. (No Meat/Fish) 

  4. Bring your own meditation gear (if you have one) however we do provide some.

  5. Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided,

  6. Bring your water bottle/ medicines, etc...

  7. No magazines, books, mobiles/ I-pads/ laptops on the retreat.

Please Note:

  1. All Day Retreats in ​Edinburgh are held every fourth Saturday of the month.

  2. There will be NO Retreats in Glasgow until further notice.

Mindfulness training in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland

Offering Mindfulness AND kINDNESS Training for Well-being  AND INNER PEACE.