Offering Mindfulness-Based Training for Well-being  AND INNER PEACE.

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An Outline of the Taster Session

Short meditation 
What is mindfulness?
Science of Mindfulness
Research and Benefits,


Course Structure

What’s involved in training?

Home Practice
Confidentiality/ Missed sessions

You can attend the taster in person where you can meet your teachers and other potential participants face to face and this is done in a group session.

Each session lasts for ninety minutes and people can also register for the mindfulness courses after the taster sessions. We encourage all participants to attend a taster session prior to any training. 

Tasters are open to everyone interested in mindfulness. We offer these sessions mainly in Edinburgh, Glasgow and on the invitation we can visit your workplace to offer these Sessions. 


For all participants intending to train in mindfulness we have found it essential;

  1. to explore what mindfulness is and isn’t,

  2. how mindfulness works and the benefits of training,

  3. to raise awareness about mindfulness-based approaches,

  4. to orientate participants as to what the course offers and demands,

  5. for you to assess the expectations of the course and its suitability at this point in your life.