Mindfulness-Based Training for Well-being  AND INNER PEACE


​SIMPLICITY:​ ​We strive for clear,  simple, direct, and harmonious communication. We seek true, underlying meaning, and employ spiritual guidance in that quest. In this way, we work to make sense of the complexities of life


​COOPERATION: We work together, inclusively, collaboratively, with energy, intention, and commitment.

​WELCOMING: ​We invite all people to find space here to feel safe, create community, feel at home, and find nourishment. Our environment is nurturing, relaxing, stimulating, and inspiring.


In our livelihood and in relationships, we conduct ourselves with honesty, fairness, truth, candour, and respect.  We treat others as we ourselves would want to be treated.  We focus on the collective good, harmony and well-being.


We honour the mind, body and heart in each individual, knowing the need to balance and blend all these elements. In our training programme, we encourage authenticity as a means to build trust and as essential to the growth and development of the individual and the well-being of others and the world we share.

​KINDNESS: We value the practice of service and what it teaches us about ourselves, and our relation to others. We are attuned to and care about our participants’ needs and intentions. We treat each other with loving-kindness and we cultivate kindness for all beings and make decisions for the common good. 


​​Exploring, understanding, practicing and integrating mindfulness and kindness practices in the lives of individuals and communities through professional training and supervision so as to awaken the best in the human-being, thus contributing to the global healing and well-being.​​